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Leo at work & Occupation

Leo at Job & Work

What do they do at Workplace? Which career will suit you as per astrology and horoscope. Which job is favourable.
Actor Actor Horse Rider Horse Rider
 Leo at work

Leo at Leisure

Leo at Leisure

Do you like to relax?
Are you adventourous?
How do you get exhausted?
Are you calm?

Leo at leisure


Leo Beauty & Fashion

Fashion & Style

Style and fashion horoscope. Leos lives in style and wears clothes well-cut elegant and demanding attention.

Leo Fashion


Leo & Finance

Finance Horoscope

Finance astrology a much sought after tool to decideupon before investing, trading or taking major financial decisions.

Leo & Finance


Medical Ailments and Yoga

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is called as Iatromathematics, an ancient medical system associating parts of the body to, diseases under influence of planets.The signs of the zodiac maped with the parts of the body.
Backache Backache Epilepsy Epilepsy Hypertension Hypertension


Numerology predictions and forecast based upon your date of birth.
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Do you know how Leos say Sorry?

Leo apology

Apology can be said as an expression of regret, it can be by words, deeds or body language also.

Apology & Leo


Myths surrounding leo

Myths sorrounding Leo

Myths - The untold truth or false story. The main character in a myth can also be a zodiac sign. The myth is also a sacred narration for transformation of the present world.

Leo & Myths



Who praises all his kindred ?
Expects his friends to praise them too,

But cannot see their senseless view?
It is the Leo !!

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Ruling Planet
Ruling House
:5'th House
: Fire Fire

Leo ManLeo Woman


The heart is the centre of love and is ruled by the sign Leo. Leos love is exhibited in the most purest and giving form. They are committed very much towards the love and don't reserve it but instead love wholeheartedly. The people belonging to this sign feel very bad when their partners let them down in any way.

Leos consider their partners not to be faithful or loyal when the other partner fails to adore or respect them, even if the fault is on the Leos. They never understand that the partners will not be able to show unconditional love constantly and that's when their egocentric nature of them pops out and spoil the relationship and it is a sorry sight indeed. But however when relationship seem to be smooth they are most admired one and it is always a joy to be with. They can be magnetic, funny, extremely sexy and remarkably thoughtful.

Leo horoscope forecast
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