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In astrology, This sign is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It governs the period when the Sun is in the constellation of Leo between July 23rd and August 22nd. It is symbolized by a Lion. The lion is a symbol of power and nobleness but also means a leader or a tyrant, full of power and energy.

This native takes pride in his or her status. Most of the Leos are extroverts and very friendly. They just love to hog the limelight. People born in this period are into engineering or hold leadership positions.

Ruling Planet : The Sun

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun. The Sun is the brightest star in our galaxy. The Leos are blessed with great energy levels thanks to the influence of the luminary Sun. The Sun indicates the individual concept, hence natives Leos are more obsessed with themselves and self. They are very proud, and do not mind saying it out loud. They carry an air around them, though they are very friendly and social.

Ruling Planet       :Sun Sun
Ruling House       :5'th House
Element       : Fire Fire

Birth Stone       : Peridot
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The Season (July 23 – August 22)

The season for this sign starts as the summer starts to unwind. It is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. There would be enough warmth around. This season encourages us to tune in more towards ourselves and our ambitions rather than on others. All zodiac natives would be able to connect to themselves in a special way. A sense of confidence prevails, and we don’t mind being the centre of attraction for quite sometime now.


Who praises all his kindred ? Expects his friends to praise them too,

But cannot see their senseless view?      It is the Leo !!

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The Constellation

The constellation of this sign lies in the northern sky between the constellations of Cancer and Virgo. And is at about 10 hours and 30 minutes right ascension and 15 degrees north declination. The star Regulus also called as Alpha Leonis is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo.

The name Leo for this constellation comes from the Latin word for Lion. It represents the Lion by name of Nemea which had to be fought by Hercules as part of a challenge. This constellation was first described by Ptolemy.

Meteor showers

The Leonids are a meteor showers that happens during the month of November in the Leo constellation. It peaks on November 14th and spits about 10 meteors per hour. Another meteor shower of this constellation is called as January Leonids that occurs between the 1st and 7th of January every year.

The Lion

The lion is the symbol of the zodiac sign. The lion is the king of the animals in the jungle and also the leader of a pride. The lion is said to lead a crowd or pride of lions. It brings a sense of terror around. Is said to depict wealth and courage as well.

In a similar sense, the Leos are found to be very assertive and have a strong mental and physical capacity. Natives are very defensive of their family and loved ones much like the lion. They are highly sociable as well.

The lion is found referred to in many religions across the globe. The lion is said to be the bearer of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, Jesus Christ is mentioned as the lion of Judah, Gautama Buddha is described as the Lion of Shakya and in Islam, Allah is referred to as the Lion.

Mythology has it that Hercules had to fight the lion of Nemea with his bare hands as one of his labours. In remembrance of this, it is said that Zeus placed the Lion in the constellation of this sign.

The Glyph

The glyph has a circle that depicts the head of the lion. The circle is followed by a curved line which indicates the silhouette of the lion and its tail. In general, this symbol represents the lion in a majestic position. Also connotes an emotional nature of the individuals.


History has it that the Age of the sign extended between 11000 B.C to 8000 B.C. This age saw the melting of the ice formed during the snow age. The Sun came into prominence and people started worshipping the Sun. As the earth began to warm up some of the big animals like the mammoth started to get extinct. Human population started to increase, farming and domestication of animals started during the period. This is also known as the Stone age or the Mesolithic age.

A sense of individuality began to develop, and people started to form a leader like a ruler or a priest among themselves to lead or guide them. This is said to a Golden Age for humanity as a whole. Spirituality developed and people started accepting births and deaths a part of life.

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In various civilisations

It is said that the period of Leo brought the floods to the delta in the myth of Babylon called Gilgamesh. The Leo constellation was called as the Great Dog by the Babylonians and as the Sickle by the Egyptians. The Egyptians are also said to have worshipped a Goddess with a head of lion, called Sekhmet. Of course, the Great Sphinx has the head of a lion merged with the body of a female. Archaeologists say that the Sphinx was constructed during the Age of the Leo.

The Babylonians also believed that a great and bright star kept watch over them during the night. This came to be known as the Regulus or the brightest start in the Leo constellation. This star Regulus, rises during the summer solstice.

The Persians called the this constellation as Ser or Shir, the Turks, called it Artan, the Syrians said it was Aryo, the Jewish referred to it as Arye and the Indians meant it as Simha, all meaning "lion".

The Roman poet Ovid called it Herculeus Leo and Violentus Leo. Early Hindu astronomers knew it as Asleha and as Sinha, the Tamil Simham.

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Leo ManLeo Woman

The heart is the centre of love and is ruled by this sign. Leos love is exhibited in the most purest and giving form. They are committed very much towards the love and don't reserve it but instead love wholeheartedly. The people belonging to this sign feel very bad when their partners let them down in any way.

Leos consider their partners not to be faithful or loyal when the other partner fails to adore or respect them, even if the fault is on the Leos. They never understand that the partners will not be able to show unconditional love constantly and that's when their egocentric nature of them pops out and spoil the relationship and it is a sorry sight indeed. But however when relationship seem to be smooth they are most admired one and it is always a joy to be with. They can be magnetic, funny, extremely sexy and remarkably thoughtful.



(July 23 - August 22)
  Symbol : Lion
  Ruling planet : The sun
  Element : Fire
  Ruling House : 5th House
  Body parts : Heart, Back, Spine
  Ideal Jobs : Organizers, Managers and Leaders
  Gem Stones : Peridot  
  Trees : All Citus trees
  Herbs : Saffron, Rosemary, Peppermint
  Flower : Sun Flower, Marigold
  Lucky day : Sunday
  Colour : Gold, Orange
  Number : 9 and 8
  Nature : Positive
  Quality : Fixed
  Trait : Creative
  Keywords : Expressive, Creative, Powerful
  Keyphrase : I Will!!
  Metal : Gold
  Countries : Frans, Italy, Peru, Rumania
  Energy : Yin - indirect action
  Principle : Containment
  Cities : Los Angels, Chicago, Rome