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Nature of Leo Man

The Leo man is one who wants to be in the limelight and always the centre of attraction. Leo men can never take people dominating them or ignoring their presence. They always want the best in life. They would wish to be as the Commander in Chief directing and ordering things to his subordinates in work place and to his family members at home. This attitude of them when crosses its limits may lead them to take the posting of a dictator.

Once they get into a work they see to that it is done with perfection. They like to be very independent and want to enjoy life and nature to the maximum without any interference. Leo men are more into positive thinking which itself make them keep always excited and high in the ladder. They are little flirty especially those with money. They are very romantic and have a drive for sex.Leo men are affectionate to their partners and very romantic and possessive about them. The only way to bring a Leo man under control is by flattering and caring words.


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